Vis Nervosa

by Backyard Camping

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This is a collection of songs we have made over the few years we have been a band.


released May 5, 2017

Guitar/Vocals: Liam Pannell
Bass: Aubrey Guidry
Drums/Vocals: Mathew Meyer
Violin: Elizabeth Yi

Recording and mixing: Mathew Meyer

Mastering: Alex DeVor

Picture for album art was taken by Tristen Klavenga



all rights reserved


Backyard Camping Madison, Alabama

3 piece screaming band from Madison Alabama.

Liam Pannell - Guitar/Vocals

Aubrey Guidry - Bass

Mathew Meyer - Drums

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Track Name: Blood Spatters
Spatters of blood
Against the concrete
Point in the direction
Of what was lost
Breaking the equilibrium
"Never done wrong, never done wrong"
Is there a repose

Reap this horizon

Hide the deconstruction

Pull out my skeleton
From the curtains of static
of which envelopes
All of my surroundings
Track Name: The Waterfall
The uneven timing of the water falling
Breaks a heavy silence
Dark ink
Begins to flow
Seeping into
My skin

This spine can't take much more

As Babels of reflections writhe it down
Scrape it off

Widows begin to crawl
In my veins
While glass shards are breaking my arm
This coughing of blood won't stop
Won't stop me
Let me be the herald of
Your end
How do I move
I am so fucking tired
Track Name: Ataúd
You were laughing
At your coffin
As your insides
Spilled on the pavement

This body came from black

I can't hear you breathing 
Track Name: No One
A faint gunshot heard in the distance
He spits out the venom
Snow crashes against the vapid questions
Cold and nuanced as
The wolf dies

A demon caresses the limp entrails
And smears it against their heart

Fangs bear
And legs twitch
While extreme fetor runs against the air

The figure stops moving
The figure stops breathing
The figure stops looking
has he seen the end

Dark streaks run against the walls
Of their empty minds

No one feels the bitter hand
I am
No one
I can't see
where I am
or where I'll move
I can't see
What I am or
Or if I'll move
I am in love
Track Name: Black Waves
Black waves crashing
I fear the constant inanity
I fall to the ground
And I reach to nothing

When will this path end

When will it just
Track Name: Wither
As I watch myself shred away
I reconcile
I am fucking enamored
Just take away my time

I won't follow
I won't follow you

Forget I was ever real
We are not the same

I won't go
I won't go with you
Track Name: Stagnant//Breathe
And as the sun went down
My skin begins to crawl
My body begins to trudge through you
My eyes are stained red

The night is cold

Everything is shit
I am shit

The night is cold
I waste my time

Nothing ever
Fucking matters
I am dead

I want to eat your throat
I want to cut your eyes
Track Name: As You Walk Near Me
Embrace the sound
Of all the lies you speak
And fall upon
Everything you take
Track Name: Something's Wrong
Miraculous laceration
Strike the center of my eye
As you steal
A thought binding-
I begin to wither
White lights blind
the empty sparrow
I begin to dawn daggers

This sickened place decays
And I'm dying with it

Miraculous laceration
Strike the center of my eye
As you steal
I'm binding up
My mind is withering
White lights blind
The empty sparrow
It can not move