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This is a 5 way split between a few awesome bands from all over the world. Everyone involved is great and we are thankful to have been given this opportunity.


released January 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Backyard Camping Madison, Alabama

3 piece screaming band from Madison Alabama.

Liam Pannell - Guitar/Vocals

Aubrey Guidry - Bass

Mathew Meyer - Drums

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Track Name: Backyard Camping - Stinging
The sound of endless slicing-
they witness the torture
she endures and with the fury
of the relationship 
between the pharaoh 
and the servant 
the wasp finds an untimely
home into the body.
Masking it's desperation;
it knows it can't make it.
Can you feel the movement
of it's vapid wings trying?
Don't move.
Is this home in it's eyes?
"I've tried for so long."
The ravenous tongue is tired of your white eyes.
"Why now, why now, fuck this mourning.
Why god, why god, fuck your entrapment.
These eyes, these hands, weren't made for this.
I can't bare to breathe in this skeleton."
Track Name: Backyard Camping - Canvas
A violent mass of phantoms
surround us on an empty canvas
as we were all just dancing.
And I don't know you,
you can't feel anything.
Nothing will ever change.
Hot boiling skin moves at the sight of your fucking scythe,
it's best if you just go.
Track Name: Fei Lung - Turn Off Auto-Focus
remember no matter where you are there's so much more than where you are
Track Name: Yubari GoGo - Komorebi
I miss all my fears from when I was a kid, because now I've embraced them

welcoming my end.

The past will never let go
Track Name: Yubari GoGo - μαραμένα φύλλα (Withered Leaves)
Flowers will never bloom over my barren grave.

Distanced myself from everyone so I would never be hurt again. Always regretting all

that I never did. I'll just keep being out of breath. All shall wither as I stand idly by.

Birds can escape everything. One day I will fly.
Track Name: Datura - Primordi
Lamine sospese

Lamine levigate

Cede tutto nella foschia

Una doppia anima

Recisa nel campo

Distese ferite e senza appello

Distese ferite e senza appello

Rigidi steli di vita

Amputati..inerti..e infermi

Inchiodati nel buio

Grida e sospiri

Fredde parole

Cantate da infanti

Morti siamo

Rinnegati eravamo
Track Name: Cult Of Pythagoras - False Ledge Worship